To Sue or Not to Sue

Before embarking on a law suit it is important to speak to a lawyer. Not for the obvious reason that you might need them to launch your suit, but to have them advise you whether such a suit is even worth launching.

The first and foremost issue to consider is whether or not your case has merit. Just because you sustained an injury on somebody else’s property, that does not mean that you are automatically going to win said suit. Was there something spilled in the area that you fell? Did the owner of the property have any obligation to keep you safe? Were you trespassing? All of these things are important to consider before launching a civil law suit.

The second consideration is whether or not the entity you are suing will pay out if you are successful. Does the individual you are suing have assets? Is there an insurance company backing them which could pay out? Make sure that your lawsuit has a light at the end of the tunnel, rather than wasting your time going up against a “judgement proof” defendant.

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