Professional Ethics

Every single discipline, profession and job has a cutting edge. At that cutting edge, lines are drawn. Lawyers and judges are society’s ultimate line drawers. On one side of the line, the conduct, action, or procrastination is appropriate; on the other side of the track, it is not. Rules of professional conduct, ethics and responsibility delineates a conduct that is rational, judicious, and consistent with “norms of the profession and the rule of law.” Lawyers and judges must be just and realistic in their dealings with their clients, counsel, and litigants.

The onus of legal representative is to uphold the highest ethics of ethical conduct. A legal representative shall at all times maintain the uprightness and pride of the legitimate profession. This competency requires a lawyer to possess not only knowledge of legal ethics, but the skill to apply legal ethics in practice and conduct him or herself with professionalism as a representative of the Court and the justice system in Canada. Ethical behaviour is characterized by good quality decision making that aligns with accepted morals and codes of conduct.

Professionalism is another concept that can have many interpretations. Professionalism is, in part, the practice of applying legal ethics in the delivery of legal services. It includes not only how lawyers interact with clients, but the decisions lawyers make regarding their legal issues. It also includes lawyer’s interactions with the Court, other lawyers, staff, colleagues and the regulator. Finally, professionalism refers to the quality of the legal practice and can include a variety of things, including lawyer’s behaviour, time management, respect for self and others, and the overall practice style.

A principal stride of being an individual who is capable of being comprehensive is to look upon the matter of ethics in broad-spectrum. Ethics are a moral doctrine that administers demeanor or the directing of an action. Legal representatives are not born skilled with awareness of the bylaw and its ethical outlooks; they all start as youngsters where they grab their most primitive understanding of fair and their wisdom of equanimity and reasonable.