Charged with Domestic Assault

If you were arrested and charged with domestic assault, you were likely brought to the police station where you were held over night for a bail hearing. Once released on bail, there are conditions that you need to follow; otherwise, you will be charged with breach of bail.

If you are currently on bail for a domestic assault, your life changes significantly. More specifically, you are not allowed to go back to your home, you are unlikely allowed to talk to your significant other who is often a complainant in domestic assault charges, and you cannot see your children as often as you would like. After you have been charged with domestic assault, your life changes dramatically. This is when you need to retain an experienced Toronto domestic assault lawyer.

At Bykov Law, we specialize in domestic assault charges. We have extensive knowledge and expertise to resolve your case expeditiously and cost effectively, so you can come back to your normal life and activities. If you are charged with domestic assault, call Bykov Law, Toronto Domestic Assault lawyers, and schedule your free consultation.